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“So.. Have you built that Warré yet?” :)

I really should stop procrastinating but I never seem to be able to get around to it. As you may or may not know I have been saying I will build a warré for a while. As you may or … Continue reading

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The absentee monarch

Well after one month of hoping the queenless side of my split would settle on a regent I have finally intervened.  On the inspection today there was no sign of a queen, no sign of brood, no sign of eggs, … Continue reading

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A Poultry Matter

Yes, I know this a bee blog but thought I would tell you about our newest animals. My daughter Skyla said all she wanted for her 5th birthday watch some chicks she could watch grow into chickens *sigh*. I have … Continue reading

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The Accidental Warré

So you know for some time I have been meaning to get around to building a Warré hive. Well as it turns the bees have grown a little impatient. Before I had bees and was playing around with the different … Continue reading

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Worse Beekeeper Ever!

Laying in bed last night reflecting on the evening and feeling more than a little sore from the events my wife mumbled sleepily to me “.. you shouldn’t do beekeeping in a hurry…*snore*”. I had to admit she was right … Continue reading

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Either my Bee Math Sucks OR…..

Either my Bee Math Sucks OR … well the bees are messing with me! I have spent a lot of time reading books and forums about bees they could at least pretend to go along with things. So, the story … Continue reading

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One and a half queens

So, I have been on holiday and it has been two weeks since I performed the hive split for the experimental two queen kTBH. So first things first, I inspected the hive (now two hives) on Saturday morning, … Continue reading

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