A Mice Surprise!

I have a fear that this blog may turn into a pun exchange with happy hour at the top bar hive.

I went inspect Boudica and her meanie bees last night. I lifted the lid to find a field mouse giving me a indignant look. She was not at all impressed with me invading her nest.

Mrs Field Mouse had built her nest at one end and there were a number of babies snuggled up inside. Initially I was a little startled and unsure about what to do. Standing there staring at those mouse pups I thought weeeeell can’t hurt! Since they weren’t on top of the bars that were in use I decided to leave the be. I proceeded with my inspection with the mouse observers. Oddly, the bees were the calmest they have ever been. These bees are normally fairly reactive and will take to the air. This time they remained on the comb and got on with their work.


Once these babies are up and around I will move the nest out and seal their entrance route.

Meanwhile in Mata Hari’s Warré the bees still haven’t moved down but there is some serious activity in the comb guides in the second box.


Only time will tell if they are going to move down or swarm out. No prizes for guessing which I am rooting for.

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2 Responses to A Mice Surprise!

  1. Julie says:

    Lol! Yeah, definitely suffering some stomach pains reading that title. 😀

    Oh, those mouse babies are adorable! Great photos!

    • deweysanchez says:

      Not sure who was more surprised to see them there me or the mice. I was astounded at how the mice and bees just ignored one another throughout the whole inspection. Everyone remained perfectly calm kept to their own areas. Maybe there’s some sort of permaculture equivalent 🙂

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