How this started.

Summer of 2013 and I have decided to start keeping bees!… well more housing bees. The “keeping” part sounds a little possessive if you ask me. I intend to produce low cost Apis housing collecting rent annually or biannually in honey.

I built myself a kenyan topbar hive and have managed to over winter the tiny very late cast swarm I caught at the end of July 2013.

This blog picks up the story after I was forced to move the colony in Mar 2014 to a new location, whilst also attempting to catch more swarms. Wish me luck!

Here a little something around my thinking 😉

More about my approach here.


One Response to How this started.

  1. solarbeez says:

    I just discovered Oregon Grape (Mahonia Aquifolium). It blooms in the ‘off season’ time. This one at the post office bloomed in late November. Bees were on it for at least a month. My wife just bought and planted one today.
    Echium is a fantastic nectar plant. From what I’ve read, it’ll provide nectar all day. The ones I’ve grown were in bloom mid May to late August. Try googling echium or Tower of Jewels.
    I’ve read that Witch Hazel provides nourishment in winter. I just bought one to try out next winter. Nothing is too good for my bees. 🙂

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