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Warréing about Fondant

  I am really not sure how many more bad puns I can get out of warré hives. Moving on I am fed up with my jam thermometer. Yes, I know you probably haven’t opened up my blog to hear … Continue reading

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The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew

As part of the Summer holidays, we decided to spend a few days with my folks in London. This afforded the opportunity to do some of the touristy things in our capital. Although I grew up within a short train … Continue reading

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The Propolis Properties’ Possibilities

Unless you have been living in your bee hives for the last few years you cannot have missed the amount of attention propolis has been getting as a health supplement. I find more and more people ask me propolis. Still … Continue reading

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A Queen in the Making, a Hive in the Building

I may have mentioned in the verbose chronicle that was my previous posting that I performed a walk-away split on one of my topbar hives. For those still learning this involved removing 3 combs of young brood (including eggs) and … Continue reading

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A Few Good Men…(or drones)

The importance of allowing colonies to produce drones cannot be overstated…. but I have tried nonetheless. Continue reading

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For the Love of Joe

On the back of the hive startup malachy (and my all round generousness) I have been helping out Joe and Susie. Joe and Susie have been wanting to get into beekeeping for some years but had decided it was something out of … Continue reading

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Too much for one post

Well where to start. Not sure what has taken longest on this one. Writing the blog a post, deciding what to include, or trying to think of a pithy name (gave up). Let’s just go through the hives and have an … Continue reading

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