Bee Swarm Collection

Anyone having a swarm of bees (honey bees) in and around the A64 corridor between York and Scarborough please give me a call and I will remove them.

The Honey Bee swarming season generally starts at the beginning of May and lasts till the end of July however swarms can happen outside of these months depending on the weather.

Please take time to identify the insects as honey bees before calling me, if you are not sure HERE is a handy reference to identify the bees.

As a general rule honey bee swarms will gather on trees or bushes and sometimes on walls. If the bees you have seen are in a bird nesting box they are most likely bumble bees!

If they are nesting underground then they will either be mining bees / bumble bees or some other solitary bee.


honey bee swarm arriving a bait hive


honey bee swarm on fence post


honey bee swarm on a branch

Swarming is the natural reproduction cycle for bees whereby the Queen and the majority of the flying bees leave the hive to find somewhere else to live and the remaining bees will produce a new queen to replace her. Although most beekeepers prefer their bees not to swarm it is also an opportunity for local beekeepers to help the local community by collecting any swarms that are reported and therefore increasing their stock of bees.

Swarms generally leave the hive in warm / hot weather and in a lot of cases will settle initially in a tree or shrub.

Simply contact me through commenting here alerts go automatically to my phone or email:



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