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The Royal Botanical Gardens at Kew

As part of the Summer holidays, we decided to spend a few days with my folks in London. This afforded the opportunity to do some of the touristy things in our capital. Although I grew up within a short train … Continue reading

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A Few Good Men…(or drones)

The importance of allowing colonies to produce drones cannot be overstated…. but I have tried nonetheless. Continue reading

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For the Love of Joe

On the back of the hive startup malachy (and my all round generousness) I have been helping out Joe and Susie. Joe and Susie have been wanting to get into beekeeping for some years but had decided it was something out of … Continue reading

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Ventilation or Insulation

I don’t think it is possible to be a bee keeper for more than a month without hearing a lecture from another bee keeper about the importance of insulation OR ventilation, depending on the time of year it could quite … Continue reading

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Something to help you sleep

As I am sure I have shoved down your throats on more than one occasion I am a scientist! In my history of research and thesis (before I got a proper job) I spent a LOT of time using a … Continue reading

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