Hive Hosting and Startup Support

I got this idea from another blog It is based in Seattle, WA, US so I don’t think I am stepping on anyone toes. I really like the idea of getting people involved in natural beekeeping and increasing awareness of the plight of bees. I know plight of bees sounds a little dramatic but if nothing else it is an interesting past-time. The things that put a lot on people off of beekeeping like cost, space, fear of the unknown ( ) can really be mediated by opening up our apiaries to others.

So on that note, anyone in and around the East A64 corridor (beware list of locations in aid of googlers):
York, North Yorkshire, UK.
Malton, North Yorkshire, UK.
Pickering, North Yorkshire, UK.
Scarborough, North Yorkshire, UK.
Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire.

I am offering space in my apiary for you to place a hive alongside my own.
I will also offer to aid anyone who is interested in getting their own natural beekeeping home-apiary up and running. I am already supporting people in Market Weighton, Rillington and Pickering by providing them with bait hives for their back gardens and guidance for a hive build.

Get involved.



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