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Sprung has Springed

This last week has treated us to a little sunshine and all of a sudden the world is coming back to life.  I was extremely lucky to have booked the time off of work and feel very smug as a … Continue reading

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Long time no bee

Well it has once again been a long winter’s break for me and beekeeping. I have had to find other pass times like snowflake cutting, visiting relatives and getting under my wife’s feet. I didn’t really blog much towards the … Continue reading

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Hive Update

The weather this week has been fairly changeable. Within the same day we see cycling of bright sunshine and torrential downpours. This in itself isn’t too unusual and should you be particularily averse to wet weather may I suggest that … Continue reading

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A Bungling beekeeper and some worrying wasps

The weather forecaster had warned us of a wet weekend and was characteristically wrong. This weekend was the hottest so far this year, though its competition has been wanting. My saturday morning dog walk was one of discoveries. I noticed … Continue reading

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What is an Ecofloor anyway?

Ecofloor, deep floor, litter filled base, I have heard it called a few things. I first came across the idea through a youtube video by Phil Chandler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWB-pdlqeFQ It probably sounds more complicated than it is where basically it is … Continue reading

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Spring is on its Way

We had our first bright and mild day of the year on Sunday (8th Feb 15). So I thought I would head over and see if there was any activity. I went in to winter with three of my own … Continue reading

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Change of weather, change of fortune

I have been keeping an eye on the hives of late but not messing about with them too much. The weather is flowing inevitability towards autumn and with the shortening of the days comes the slowing down of the hives. … Continue reading

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