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The Propolis Properties’ Possibilities

Unless you have been living in your bee hives for the last few years you cannot have missed the amount of attention propolis has been getting as a health supplement. I find more and more people ask me propolis. Still … Continue reading

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For the Love of Joe

On the back of the hive startup malachy (and my all round generousness) I have been helping out Joe and Susie. Joe and Susie have been wanting to get into beekeeping for some years but had decided it was something out of … Continue reading

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Ventilation or Insulation

I don’t think it is possible to be a bee keeper for more than a month without hearing a lecture from another bee keeper about the importance of insulation OR ventilation, depending on the time of year it could quite … Continue reading

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Hive Update

The weather this week has been fairly changeable. Within the same day we see cycling of bright sunshine and torrential downpours. This in itself isn’t too unusual and should you be particularily averse to wet weather may I suggest that … Continue reading

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The Pondering’s of Bernhard

Little has been happening in my apiary of late. As I have said before it seems that swarming doesn’t turn up until June so I have the next month to look forward to. Meanwhile the bees are building up nicely. … Continue reading

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Laying Workers: The Why, How, and Now what!

I have tinkering with this post on and off now for some months and cannot get it right. It just seems very meanderng and inconcise. Perhaps it’s the “man-flu” speaking but I had enough of it. You can deal with … Continue reading

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What is an Ecofloor anyway?

Ecofloor, deep floor, litter filled base, I have heard it called a few things. I first came across the idea through a youtube video by Phil Chandler https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWB-pdlqeFQ It probably sounds more complicated than it is where basically it is … Continue reading

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